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Terra Creta

Terra Creta Estate Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

Terra Creta Estate Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

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Product Description

During cultivation and olive oil production, everything that comes from the olive tree is returned back to the environment. Strict organic sustainable processes are adopted throughout the cultivation and processing of this wonderful extra virgin olive oil. 

The olive leaves removed during the processing are fed to local farm animals; the water from washing the olives is returned to the olive groves for irrigation and the pits are used to warm up the water of our olive mill.

No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are employed making us proud of safeguarding our olive groves and nature. This organic olive oil is packed in recyclable materials. 

Terra Creta Estate Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibits enticing flavours of warm butter with hints of black pepper.

Suitable for salads, cooking or frying up to 180 degrees Celsius. Pairs with fresh salads, on meats, on fish, or simply with bread.


All Terra Creta products are traceable. To find out more information on your product,  enter its 5 digit lot number on the Traceability Tree web page to view detailed information about harvesting dates, quality, bottling, and packaging date.

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100% extra virgin olive oil, natural juice of the olive fruits
How to Use
Ready to use! A robust flavor that combines well with salads, fish, meat and vinaigrette!
Producer Information

Terra Creta was founded in early 2001 by two Cretan visionaries with extensive knowledge and experience in olive oil production and sales. Due to rapid increase in demand for the Terra Creta exceptional products, in 2007 they built more advanced and spacious facilities. Terra Creta offers fully traceable EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil through their traceability tree.

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