Gluten Free Pizza Cooking Class


This class will help you create beautiful melt-in-your-mouth Neapolitan gluten free pizzas, using the finest quality gluten free ingredients and traditional Italian recipes.

Learn about the history of pizza and let this cooking class take you through a delicious journey to Italy in no time.

Together we will learn the art of baking authentic Neapolitan gluten free pizzas, & have the opportunity to try some nona chicken gluten free lasagne & the creamiest Semifreddo you've ever had!

We will start with a surprise handmade aperitivo treat accompanied with a glass of Aperol spritz to get in the italian mood!

For the class we will only use fresh seasonal ingredients and Schär gluten free flour and lasagne.

Menu items:
^ Crispy fried Arancini con Ragu with Gorgonzola cheese, homemade Citrus chutney & sprouts

^ 3 Authentic famous neapolitan gluten free pizzas
* Classic margarita with San marzano tomatoes, mozzarella & fresh basil
* Bianca- white gluten free pizza with eggplant, pistachio, mozzarella & sausage
* Signature gluten free Pizza carbonara topped with sous-vided egg & truffle
+ one surprise!

^ Alfredo slow roasted gluten free lasagne with layers of creamy chicken fillet, spinach, roasted tomatoes & pine nuts topped with cheesy bechamel sauce

^ Semifreddo con frutti di bosco

^Homemade frozen white chocolate mousse topped with forest fruits

Tuesday, April 30th
Welcome Drinks: 18:00
Cooking & Dining: 18:30 - 21:30
Per Person: $188
WhatsApp Booking: 83808139
Limited Slots: 12 pax

Lovely additions:
* Recipes
* Schär Gluten Free surprise goodie bag

Chef Albertos & Proud Potato Peeler do their cooking magic in a kitchen that is not exclusively gluten free. For the purposes of this class, the kitchen, utensils and ovens will be thoroughly cleaned.

A creative and tasty collaboration between Proud Potato Peeler & Schär Gluten Free