Marianna's Vineleaves

Pure art in a jar: Marianna Kazaki from Chalkidiki took tender vine leaves from the privately-owned vines and stuffed them with rice flavoured with herbs, after boiling and placing it in Extra Virgin olive oil. The absolute Greek mezé for an assortment for ouzo or tsipouro (grape distillate)! The secret of success for Kazaki products lies in the love, care and passion of an entire family, originally from Chalkidiki. The mother, Marianna Kazaki, who absolutely adores good cooking and traditional flavours, is the founder of this small, home-based business. The father, Dimitris, having great experience in the cultivation of land, is the restless mentor of the business regarding quality assurance matters. The elder son, Pangalos, a graduate in Agriculture, is the one who used the modern, organic vine-growing methods in the family vineyards. Finally, the younger son, Thanasis, is responsible for issues related to traceability, the sales network and marketing. Their vision is to promote the taste and quality of their products to connoisseurs, globally.