All About Gluten Free Breads

Schär is our trusted brand for gluten free, celiac safe breads for several reasons

A Brand of Trust: The Schär brand has over 40 years experience in R&D of gluten free, celiac safe products.  The Schär production team focuses on creating nutritious solutions that are based on naturally gluten free ingredients for a balanced diet.  Schär supports your individual nutritional needs with the world’s largest selection of gluten free branded products in the categories of Breads, Sweet & Savoury Snacks, Cereals, Pasta and Flours.

Controlled Cultivation: The Schär gluten free products would be nothing without our dedicated contract farmers. They produce top quality gluten free raw ingredients and  work according to our strict quality standards. They pride themselves in practicing controlled, sustainable cultivation.  Their leading practices in gluten free production guarantee products that are celiac safe, offer more in terms of flavour and well-being, and do not compromise in taste or texture.

Sourdough Secret: Our secret is simple: innovative packaging and sourdough make the bread last longer.  Sourdough improves taste and its natural occurring fermentation process makes it easily digestible.  Through its unique baking properties, we can completely avoid preservatives. Sourdough increases the acidity of the bread, which results in a lower pH level.  Depending on the bacterial strain, the lactic acid bacteria prevent the bread from developing any mould, keeping the bread fresh and good for longer.  All completely natural!

Quality Ingredients: The quality flours, grains and seeds that are used in Schar breads give them their unique good taste and provide valuable nutrients and dietary fiber. Thanks to our high quality seeds and grains we use, our bread is full of flavour and rich in dietary fibres!

Without Preservatives: Schär products are guaranteed gluten free and celiac safe, and are Free from:
* Artificial sweeteners
* Artificial flavourings
* Flavour enhancers
* Colourings 
* Preservatives

* Wheat starch
* GMO ingredients 

Enjoy Whenever: 
* Eat me now, straight from the pack! No extra steps required with Schär gluten free breads.
* Toast me whenever! Crispy sandwiches in a matter of minutes.
* Freeze me for later! Schär Gluten Free breads have never been frozen before reaching you.


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