LIÁ Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s exceptional taste, flavour and features are the results of their painstaking efforts during the whole production procedure from cultivation to storage. LIÁ EVOO is sealed in a white bottle, after combining traditional methods of cultivation with modern techniques in order to respect the sustainability of the ecosystem.  The olives are picked by hand, seeing that neither the fruit nor the tree is damaged, placed in linen sacks and taken to the oil press the very same day of harvest. LIÁ uses the cold extraction method to make sure that the nutritional values as well as the taste and flavour properties of the fruit are transferred into the oil pulp. LIÁ olive oil is put into a well-designed opaque white bottle to keep the oil away from light and to preserve its top quality. Finally, the bottles are stored in a cool place of regular temperature. 

Meet The Producers: LIA 

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