Our Producers

Our range of products and producers are handpicked to delivery consistency gratifying delicatessen while being the best of class in product quality and packaging, ensuring that they arrive on our shores in their best conditions.


Anassa Organic Herbal Tea
Anassa Organic Teas

Anassa Organics Tea selects the finest quality organic Greek products cultivated using traditional farming practices that demonstrate the utmost respect and commitment to the land. Offering bulk loose-leaf herbs with the greatest aromatic and beneficial ingredients as well as formulated blends offered in carefully selected proportions. 

Arogaia Herbs Arogaia

Arogaia’s goal was to create fresh products for people. Arogaia carefully monitors each and every stage of production. Arogaia has chosen to farm their own herbs so as to ensure their quality. To that end, Arogaia obtained Organic Farm Certification. Using traditional herbal drying methods and the latest technological practices to ensure longer shelflife of their products.

Dr Schar Gluten FreeDr. Schar Gluten Free

Dr. Schar provides coeliacs around the world with a wide range of delicious, high quality and safe gluten free products. Dr. Schar products and the entire production chain are one hundred percent gluten free and guarantee full enjoyment and interesting variety. The Schar team support your individual nutritional needs with the world’s largest selection of gluten free branded products.

Epiros Greek Feta Cheese

EPIRUS S.A. is one of the largest cheese-producing companies in Greece with a state-of-the-art production and packaging unit, in the region of Epirus, in Ammotopos, Arta. The company’s production capacity and methods, its consistent investment in technology, research & development, plus an innovative spirit combined with in depth knowledge and experience of tradition guarantee the excellent quality of EPIRUS products.

Stathakis Family Raw Honey
Stathakis Family 

Stathakis Family started with apiculture in 1963, when Stelios Stathakis, obtained his first beehives & ran a successful course. After several years of continuous effort, along with love & passion for beekeeping. The route from the beehive to the jar is made with respect to the product, without undergoing alterations, & by always complying with the rules of hygiene.

Ladolea Fine Greek Olive Oil

Ladolea is an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil offered in a reusable handmade ceramic pot that prevents light penetration, thus maintaining its contents to its purest form, aroma and taste.

Lia Fine Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

LIÁ Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s exceptional taste, flavour and features are the results of their painstaking efforts during the whole production procedure from cultivation to storage. The olives are picked by hand, seeing that neither the fruit nor the tree is damaged, placed in linen sacks and taken to the oil press the very same day of harvest. 

Marianna's Vineleaves
Marianna's Vineleaves

Pure art in a jar: Marianna Kazaki from Chalkidiki took tender vine leaves from the privately-owned vines and stuffed them with rice flavoured with herbs, after boiling and placing it in Extra Virgin olive oil. The absolute Greek mezé for an assortment for ouzo or tsipouro (grape distillate)! 

salt odyssey prime sea salt
Salt Odyssey

Their journey inspired their company and their love for the all-natural salts became their compass.  The founders were enthusiasts of the Greek organic food market before they set their sights on all natural salt.  Blending Fine Greek herbs with prime natural sea salt harvested at the salinas of Messolonghi - a natural habitat of wild life in western Greece. 

Terra Creta Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Terra Creta

Terra Creta products have been recognized and awarded top prizes for their superb taste and aroma. Taking great pride in providing important production information to their consumers. Terra Creta's product care fully traceable with their on-line traceability system, called the Traceability Tree.