Anassa Organics

Anassa Organics Tea selects the finest quality organic Greek products cultivated using traditional farming practices that demonstrate the utmost respect and commitment to the land. Each of the 15 species of herbs offered, separately or in blends, was selected after a thorough investigation and is certified as having the highest quality. Anassa Organics offers bulk loose-leaf herbs with the greatest aromatic and beneficial ingredients as well as formulated blends offered in carefully selected proportions. All of the teas are organic and packaged in a way to prevent deterioration of the herbs, maintaining and protecting the best herbs that the Greek land has to offer. 

 ANASSA...Meet the Producer!

* What does ANASSA mean and who are the people behind the brand

ANASSA ORGANICS is the implementation of an idea of Aphrodite Florou and Yanna Mattheou. Both ladies have a solid managerial experience in large companies as well as extensive focus in marketing and sales. With their forces united, they decided upon creating a Greek product, one to transfer the flavour and quality of the Greek land all over the world. The first one to exude that special fragrance, we thought would be Greek herbs.  

This is how ANASSA ORGANICS began. 
Research was time consuming; it required considerable thought and attention, so as to make use of scientific findings regarding quality selection, the optimum one for the consumer. Everything was driven by a belief that herbs should be defended; not just a trend of fashion, but rather a passion, a way of life.  Anassa Organics came out of love and passion for Greek herbs. 
For Aphrodite and Yanna, ANASSA means: Live Organic, Pick Greek, Enjoy thoroughly!
They consider it an attitude to select, prepare and enjoy a beverage sourced from organic Greek herbs. They select the finest quality Greek herbs of organic farming and only the produce of farmers who use traditional farming practices with the utmost respect and commitment to the land. 

* How does the environment influence the quality of herbs?
In Greece, there is a great wealth, variety and quality of herbs, which are all due to the geological history, climate and geographical location. Abundant sunshine, and rich soil composition contribute decisively to the unique high quality of aromatic herbs. 
Greek herbs present remarkable quality standards (percentage in essential oils, ratio of active substances, etc.) that affect their taste and aroma and also their actions, especially when used for therapeutic purposes.
Organic farming further improves the quality of the extracted essential oils and other by-products of herbs, especially when grown in environmental conditions (soil, climate, altitude) similar to the habitat in which they naturally thrive. It is a fact that organic farming costs more as it requires more land and harder work for the same crop production compared to conventional nurseries. But the benefit to the environment and human health is not insignificant and we, at Anassa Organics, invest in this benefit.

* Can you explain to us the inspiration behind the images / graphics on the ANASSA boxes?
The names and mythical creatures on the packaging of our single herbs or herbal blends imply only some of the basic characteristics of our products. They are a result of carefully thought-out creative design. 
 For our single herbs (one element), such as the Organic Mint we chose mythical creatures of one element, in this case the Teumessian Fox.  Whereas for Pure Happiness, our best seller blend of mountain tea, mint, intense sage and lemon balm, we chose the Pegasus creature, a winged divine horse which is a mythical creature of two elements (or a blend!) of horse with wings. 

* I personally love the innovative presentation and way of serving the Greek herbs.  How did this idea come about?
The service concept was born while we were trying to think of a way to engage people in the preparation of the infusion. It came as a result of our effort to make each and every consumer part of the process, of the interacting ritual, which we thought would become a quality interruption from a daily routine.  
We see the Anassa tea experience as a gift to ourselves, a moment of peace as one participates in the process, selects leaves and fruits with care to fill the bag and prepares the drink 

* What is a typical day like for you?
There is no typical day at work for us:) In our daily routine however, there is always a break where we all enjoy a warm Anassa infusion together. 

* Which ANASSA herbal tea do you drink the most and why?
This is difficult to answer. The choice and preference depend on the moment. We genuinely love all our infusions and it’s not a coincidence that all of them are annually awarded for their flavors and aromas, by the internationally recognized competition “Great Taste Awards”, of the British organization Guild of Fine Foods. 
The choice of the infusion varies depending on what someone is looking for, from the beverage but also depends on his personal likes and dislikes. The beneficial effect of natural herbs to the body is known since antiquity. Whatever the choice, all infusions offer real pleasure, detoxification, relaxation and improve our wellbeing. The choice is yours to make, depending on what you need most.

* There is a lot of information and misinformation around herbal teas.  Can you share with us some insights?
How herbs work in one person’s body may be drastically different from how it behaves in another, depending on their health, age and sensitivity. People are curious about herbal blends, so it’s best to consult a doctor or a specialist who is well versed in various herbs and their properties.
In this very same promising spirit, at Anassa Organics we tried to combine tradition and scientific documentation. Aromatic and medicinal herbs were selected according to the concept of a synthesis of overall harmony in a Hippocratic tradition: harmony with nature in mind, body and spirit. 
Along the guidelines and advice delivered by a panel of expert scientists, and after thorough taste-testing research, we selected 16 herbs to launch, either on their own or in blends, all fine effective products that will fill your mug with vitality, relaxation and enjoyment.   

* Fun Fact!
More than 7.500 species and subspecies of herbs exist in Greece. Approximately 1.200 are endemic while about 20% are aromatic or medicinal plants. According to international references, Greece ranks third in the world in biodiversity, and among the top five countries with the greatest wealth of aromatic plants.