Soy Balsamic and Mandarin Baked Salmon

Recipe by Lush Platters SG
Preparation Time: 10 min
Total Time: 30 min 
Difficulty: Easy

1.2kg Salmon Fillets
50ml Light soy sauce
50ml Terra Creta Balsamic Vinegar
100ml Freshly squeezed mandarin juice
50g Soft brown sugar
1 Head Garlic Additional fresh mandarin to serve
Fresh Coriander (Optional)
  • To make the marinade mix together the soy, balsamic, mandarin juice and brown sugar.
  • Mince half a head of garlic and add to balsamic marinade.
  • Spoon the marinade over the salmon and bake for 10 -15min on 210C. Salmon should be soft when inserting a knife into the center.
  • Serve with fresh mandarin and coriander (optional).