Terra Creta Greek Kalamata Olives, Pitted  - 30gr
Terra Creta Greek Kalamata Olives, Pitted  - 30gr

Terra Creta

Terra Creta Greek Kalamata Olives, Pitted - 30gr

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Terra Creta Greek Kalamata Olives with their brownish-black colour and their characteristic “almond” shape have a unique and splendid taste from all other olive varieties of the world. The Kalamata olives grow only in specific regions of Greece, in limited quantities, so they are considered a very special Greek pantry essential.

Terra Creta olives are produced using traditional lactic acid fermentation resulting in a healthy snack choice, conveniently packaged in a snack pack!  Just pop it in your bag or a school lunch box.

Why Terra Creta Kalamata olives
-Rich in energy, minerals, and vitamins
-Have great antioxidant properties
-Basic component of the Mediterranean diet.

Benefits of the olive based diet 
-Natural Product
-Without additives and preservatives
-No added colours


All Terra Creta products are traceable. To find out more information on your product,  enter its 5 digit lot number on the Traceability Tree web page www.terracreta.gr to view detailed information about harvesting dates, quality, bottling, and packaging date. 

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Ready to eat, a healthy choice for salads, snacks, pizzas and Mediterranean recipes

Terra Creta was founded in early 2001 by two Cretan visionaries with extensive knowledge and experience in olive oil production and sales. Due to rapid increase in demand for the Terra Creta exceptional products, in 2007 they built more advanced and spacious facilities. Terra Creta offers fully traceable EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil through their traceability tree.

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