Terra Creta 42 Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml
Terra Creta 42 Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml

Terra Creta

Terra Creta 42 Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml

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From 42 selected olive cultivars from all over the world, grown with care and know-how at the private grove of the Institute of Olive Trees, Subtropical Plants and Viticulture, in the ideal climate of Crete. With the scientific support of the Institute, the finest olives have been harvested with expertise, extracted with innovation in Terra Creta’s olive mill and blended with passion to guarantee the richness of taste and complexity of aroma only a premium multivarietal extra virgin olive oil can offer. The percentage of each variety in the premium blend is not stable since it is affected from it's year production. Because we blend by choice, not by necessity.

List of all 42 olive varieties (cultivars)

01. Adramittini 12. Mavrelia 23. Kothreiki 34. Rosciola
02. Amphissis 13. Matolia 24. Koroneiki  35. Sourani
03. Arbequina  14. Dafnelia 25. Lechin de Sevilla 36. Strogylolia
04. Barouni 15. Empeltre 26. Lianolia Kerkiras 37. Thiaki
05. Barnea 16. Frantoio 27. Megaritiki 38. Tragolia
06. Blanqueta 17. Gordal Sevilliana 28. Manzanilla 39. Tsounati
07. Bouteillan 18. Hojiblanca 29. Nabali 40. Valanolia
08. Chalkidikis 19. Kalamon 30. Picholine Marocaine  41. Vasilikada
09. Coratina  20. Kalokerida 31. Picholine 39. Tsounati
10. Cornicabra 21. Karolia  32. Picual 42. Verdial of Vélez-Málaga
11. Cornezuelo  22. Koutsourelia   33. Pikrolia


All Terra Creta products are traceable. To find out more information on your product,  enter it’s 5-digit lot number on the Traceability Tree web page www.terracreta.gr to view detailed information about harvesting dates, quality, bottling, and packaging date.

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100% Extra Virgin olive oil, Natural juice of the olive fruit.
Pour over salads, steamed vegetables, use for cooking, frying or baking
Terra Creta was founded in early 2001 by two Cretan visionaries with extensive knowledge and experience in olive oil production and sales. Due to rapid increase in demand for the Terra Creta exceptional products, in 2007 they built more advanced and spacious facilities. Terra Creta offers fully traceable EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil through their traceability tree.