Season's Greetings Gift Box #5
Season's Greetings Gift Box #5
Season's Greetings Gift Box #5

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Season's Greetings Gift Box #5

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Surprise your friends and family with a healthy and tasty Holiday Gift Box!

A wonderful combination of award winning products from Greece.

Season's Greetings Gift Box #4 includes: 
Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml  (by LIA)
Organic Greek Balsamic Cream, 250ml (by Terra Creta)
Organic Greek Kalamata Olives, 290gr (by Terra Creta)
Organic Greek Oregano, 70gr (by Arogaia)
Natural Coarse Greek Salt in a Ceramic Mill, 100gr (by Salt Odyssey)
Chamomile Herbal Tea, 40gr (by Othrys)
Honeycomb with Honey In a Jar, 250gr (by Alabasinis Bee Farm)

Memorable gifts, for memorable times. 

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All you need for your favorite Mediterranean recipes
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