Season's Greetings Gift Box #4
Season's Greetings Gift Box #4
Season's Greetings Gift Box #4

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Season's Greetings Gift Box #4

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Surprise your friends and family with a healthy and tasty Gift Box!

A wonderful combination of award winning products from Greece.

Season's Greetings Gift Box #4: 
Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml (by LIA)
Organic Greek Red Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml (by Terra Creta)
Natural Coarse Greek Salt in a Ceramic Mill, 100gr  (by Salt Odyssey)
Organic Greek Rosemary, 50gr (by Arogaia)
Chamomile Herbal Tea, 40 gr (by Othrys Farms
Honeycomb with Honey In a Jar, 250gr  (by Alabasinis Bee Farm) 

Memorable gifts, for memorable times. 

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All you need for your favorite Mediterranean recipes
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