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Salt Odyssey

Salt Odyssey Natural Coarse Greek Sea Salt Smoked in Beechwood in a Ceramic Mill - 100gr

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This heavily aromatic salt is made by naturally smoke coarse sea salt for 140 hours, to create an intense gourmet salt with the scent of genuine beechwood. Awarded in both great taste and Olymp awards, Salt Odyssey's smoked coarse sea salt is naturally rich flavored and intensely aromatic. You can grind it over meat or fish or add it to cooking and give your recipes a mild, subtle smoky fragrance! Ideal for meat, legues, potatoes, soupls and vegetarian meals. 100% natural, no artifical smoke flavourings. A product of Messolonghi in Greece.


100% natural sea salt from Messolonghi, Greece, smoked in beechwood for 140 hours
A wonderful salt ideal for meat, legumes, potatoes or soups, used by vegetarians and vegans around the world for its natural, bacon-like taste and its intense smoky aroma.
Their journey inspired their company and their love for the all-natural salts became their compass. Mario, Harry and their friends at Biodinami were enthusiasts of the Greek organic food market before they set their sights on salt. Their country, after all, is the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet, mainly because of the variety and purity of its herbs. To start with blending the aromas of Greek herbs with a prime sea salt harvested at the Salinas of Messolonghi - a natural habitat of wild life in western Greece - seemed only natural. And natural it was indeed. And so tasty. So is the constellation of the Salt Odyssey new series of salts and spices: a natural source of vital elements for good health and a rich flavour palette for the gourmet of this world.