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Salt Odyssey Greek Fleur de Sel - Prime Greek Sea Salt - 150gr

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All natural, unrefined, the purest and tastier of all sea salts. Ancient Greeks called it "ANTHOS ALATOS" hence the name Fleur de Sel. Skimmed off by hand from the salt ponds of Messolonghi - an unpolluted area environmentally protected by the Ramsar Treaty, this luxurious, clean tasting crystals surprise chefs and food professionals. With its velvety flavor and moist texture, it will work miracles as finishing salt on meat, salads, potatoes, eggs and vegetables amont others. 100% Natural, Skimmed off by hand. A product of Messolonghi in Greece.


100% natural prime sea salt {fleur de sel}
For cooking or as a finishing salt
Their journey inspired their company and their love for the all-natural salts became their compass. Mario, Harry and their friends at Biodinami were enthusiasts of the Greek organic food market before they set their sights on salt. Their country, after all, is the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet, mainly because of the variety and purity of its herbs. To start with blending the aromas of Greek herbs with a prime sea salt harvested at the Salinas of Messolonghi - a natural habitat of wild life in western Greece - seemed only natural. And natural it was indeed. And so tasty. So is the constellation of the Salt Odyssey new series of salts and spices: a natural source of vital elements for good health and a rich flavour palette for the gourmet of this world.