Kyknos Tomato Juice 370ml


Kyknos Tomato Juice 370ml

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Tomato juice made with sustainable and responsibly product tomatoes. It can be served straight out of the carton, or mixed into beverages, or cooked into soups, sauces, or simmer in sauces. Gluten free and Halal.

370 ml



Tomatoes juice. Acidity regulator: citric acid.


KYKNOS plants non-GMO tomato in the fields of the sunny valley. With eco-friendly agriculture practices that promote biodiversity, the entire production of products is also free of any chemical residues. To maximize its freshness, harvesting of tomatoes takes place at the peak ripeness and are canned within 6 hours of picking. 

All KYKNOS product packages are fully recyclable and marked with the “green dot” logo. KYKNOS collaborates with 16 different bodies, all of them authorized by the Greek Recycling Organization, to implement recycling of all materials, from machinery parts to factory lubricants and office ink cartridges. All factory waste is recycled.