Greek Herbal Teas & Honey Gift Box
Greek Herbal Teas & Honey Gift Box

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Greek Herbal Teas & Honey Gift Box

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Greek Herbal Teas and Honey Gift Box! A wonderful collection of organic Greek herbal teas and honey in one gift box. Anassa organic Mint and organic pure happiness herbal teas (whole loose leaves in pre packed sachets!) and Melodi Cretan thyme honey. A healthy & tasty gift for your colleagues, friends and family to enjoy during lazy Sunday afternoons or when they need a delicious cup of tea during the day. 

The gift box includes: 

Anassa Organic Greek Mint Herbal Tea x 10 sachets

Anassa Organic Greek Pure Happiness Herbal Tea x 10 sachets

Melodi Greek Cretan Raw Thyme Honey, 400gr

A selection of products from Greece.

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