EPSA Sour Cherry Soda - 232ml


EPSA Sour Cherry Soda - 232ml

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EPSA Sour Cherry drink made with grandma’s recipe. A Sour Cherry Drink comes from Greek juicy sour cherries. Picked carefully and by following grandma’s authentic recipe, the Sour Cherry sofa will refresh you and sweeten you at the same time, with its rich taste and its full aroma.

A sweet and refreshing drink best served in a glass with ice.

Water, sour cherry juice 20% from concentrated juice, sugar, acidifier, citric acid, preservatives, pottasium, sorbate, dimethyl, dicarbonate, natural flavorings.
Preferrably serve chilled and/or over ice.
EPSA: A story of refreshment The history of EPSA dates back to 1924, when there was a surplus of lemons in the geographical area of Pelion. Observing a sales increase of traditional lemonade by peddlers, the owners of EPSA set the goal to create a factory that produces Soft Drinks. A German Chemical Engineer was invited to assist with the production of lemonade. It was then that the secret recipe was born and is preserved until today.