Epiros Talagani Cheese, 440gr


Τhe 100% sheep's milk named Talagani Cheese comes from Messinia, in the Peloponnese of Southern Greece. Talagani Cheese is often compared to Cypriot halloumi, but talagani has a superior, softer texture and a richer, creamier flavour which is offset by a delicate saltiness and subtle mint undertones. The flavour can be further enhanced by marinating it in olive oil and herbs before cooking. Like halloumi it is best grilled or fried and eaten straight away. When grilled it makes a welcome addition to fresh, green salads and roasted vegetables. The most impressive thing about Talagani is that it cooks without melting, retaining its shape while its texture becomes chewy. The Talagani is already portioned for you in 4 slices!

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Type: Cheese

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