Arosis Organic Greek Small Chickpeas From Small Family Farms, 400gr


Arosis Organic Greek Small Chickpeas From Small Family Farms, 400gr

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These Organic Chickpeas are small in size and of yellow/brown colour, cultivate in the Grevena Mountains of Northwest Greece. The cultivation of chickpeas has taken place in Grevena since the 18th century. The relatively warm and semi dry climate of the region with little rainfall, the suitable soil type, the well drained fields favour the production of quality chickpeas and add excellent features, such as delicious taste, colour and thin skin.

They have very thin skin so there is no need for peeling during the preparation process. Moreover, due to the fact that they keep their skin they are rich in dietary fibers.

Check out the back side of the packaging for cooking tips!


Arosis farms their beans in sustainable and certified cultivation methods under the Integrated Management Crop system. Treating their environment the right way - balancing soil health and productivity while minimizing water wastage and irrigation.

organic chickpeas
Ready to use, Recipe at the back of the label
Arosis' products are nature’s gifts; gifts that come straight from the land endowed with the quality of being easy to boil, tasty and very healthy. They began their journey in the hands of the first arosis generation in bulk, they were packaged by the second generation and organically grown by the third. It is only natural that they now have stepped into the kitchen! These days, arosis not only grows but also cooks delicious pulses, using its very own recipes and sealing its cooked product in jars that are filled with herbs, virgin olive oil and a taste that spells home.