Anassa Organic Greek Lemon Verbena Tea, (15 portions)

Anassa Organics Tea

Anassa Organic Lemon Verbena Tea is made with the finest fresh Hellenic organic Verbena to deliver a spicy aromatic and incomparable flavour. Well known for its soothing therapeutic properties for the nervous and digestive system, an excellent remedy for calming an upset stomach, reducing flatulence, and easing colic pain.

An organic certified Greek aromatic herbs of exceptional quality; whole loose leaves, caffeine-free, without artificial fragrances. With many beneficial properties, most importantly soothing for the stomach and digestive system. 


Includes 15 Teabags + 6 holding wooden sticks to secure your teabag on the mug. 


Serves great as both hot and iced tea.


More on the Anassa Organics

Anassa Organics selects the finest quality organic Greek herbs cultivated using traditional farming practices that demonstrate the utmost respect and commitment to the land. Offering whole loose-leaf organic herbs with the greatest aromatic and beneficial ingredients as well as blends, all presented in an innovative way with a sachet and stick.

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