QUEENB Spread of Greek Cretan Natural Honey with Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 230gr

Stathakis Family

The queenb of the Stathakisfamily with Greek extra virgin olive oil and Cretan Greek honey is a direct representation of the benefits of the Cretan diet. An essential ingredient for your healthy breakfast.  

A gluten free, preservative free product from Greece.

Suitable to use instead of butter or margarine.  Ideal for spreading on bread or toast, drizzle and squeeze on your yogurt, fruit, waffles, donuts or pancakes.  A flavorful surprise to your salad dressing.  



More on the Stathakis Family 

Stathakis Family started with apiculture in 1963, when Stelios Stathakis, obtained his first beehives & ran a successful course. After several years of continuous effort, along with love & passion for beekeeping. The route from the beehive to the jar is made with respect to the product, without undergoing alterations, & by always complying with the rules of hygiene.

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