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Three Cents Aegean Tonic 200ml

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In order to enhance the flavour of their tonic with the spirit of the Mediterranean, Three Cents came up with a truly authentic product. A Greek tonic that could be enjoyed alone as a beverage or as a mix. Three Cents Aegean Tonic Water is as light and refreshing as the Mediterranean Sea breeze. A pleasant revitalising tonic water made by high quality natural quinine, cucumber, basil and other herbs, spices and citruses from the Greek land. 


water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acid: citric acid, flavoring: quinine, natural flavours.
Serve as is or use it for long drinks and cocktails.
Three Cents Beverages are inspired by the late 19th century soda fountain culture and artisanal production. All natural ingredients, high carbonation and the most flexible products you can find. The soda is fresh pure water carbonated as high as possible, the tonic is bitter and has little to no lemon flavor as to help to bring out every flavor of the gin it is used with rather than cover it up, for the same reason it works with coffee as well or in many other drinks, the Aegean tonic helps you as you don’t have to shake basil and muddle cucumbers and make a mess plus loose time, they are already steam distilled and we use hydrosols of them, the ginger beer is spicy and dry so you can add things to your drink without making it too sweet, plus you can use a little of it and the drink would still be gingery.