Anassa Organic Greek Mountain Tea x 10 Sachets

Anassa Organics Tea

Anassa has hand picked organic whole loose leaves of Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis) for us to enjoy.  It is an ideal caffeine free beverage which may also be enjoed cold as a refreshing summer drink.  Rich in polyphenols and plentiful antioxidants. This non-caffeinated tisane can be enjoyed in the morning or after meals. Whole flower blossoms deliver an authentic, tender, mild and yet distinctive floral scent. Simply open the envelope and infuse in boiled water your aromatic herbs that are already prepared in a single serve sachet.  Ready to enjoy in 3 to 4 minutes.  Each box includes 10 enveloped herbal teas. A product of Greece.

10 sachets

How To Use:

Add in your cup freshly boiled water (95 - 100 degrees celcius), infuse your ready made sachet for 3 - 4 minutes

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