Gluten Free Wraps with Grilled Courgettes


Preparation Time: 40min
Cooking / Baking Time: 10 min
Difficulty: Easy


Schar Gluten Free Wraps
2 courgettes
1 mozarella cheese
2 gluten free tomato chilli sauce
Extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of salt 
a pinch of pepper 
Italian herb mix 


  • Cut the courgette into 4 mm thick slices, place in a bowl and turn in 1-2 tbsp. olive oil. Heat a grill pan.
  • Grill the courgette slices on both sides in olive oil until they become lightly browned. Place to one side.
  • Cut the mozzarella into slices. Fry both sides of the Wrap for 2-3 minutes each and coat with the tomato-chilli sauce.
  • Arrange the mozzarella and courgette slices on top. Season with salt, pepper and Italian herbs. Fold the Wrap and cut into quarters.

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, No Eggs Added