Hamburgers with leek and aubergine

Caper-studded hamburgers with leek and aubergine


For the burgers:

300 g minced beef
200 g minced pork
1 tbsp capers
70 g leek (green part)
1 package Hamburger
4 slices aubergine
Self-made tartar sauce:
2 sprigs parsley
extra virgin olive oil

For the tartar sauce:

4 eggs
3 pickled gherkins
1 tbsp capers
1 tbsp white vinegar
1 sprig parsley
1 sprig tarragon
200 ml sunflower oil



  • Cut the ends off the leeks, slice them thinly then sauté them in a pan with 2 tablespoons of the oil for 8-10 minutes.
  • If they dry out and start to stick, add a few spoonfuls of water.
  • At the end of the cooking time, allow them to dry out once more before seasoning with a good pinch of salt.
  • Rinse the capers in running water and chop them finely with the parsley leaves.
  • Mix the minced beef and pork together in a bowl.
  • Add the chopped caper and parsley mix and a good pinch of salt, then shape the meat into 4, even hamburger patties.
  • Sear the aubergine slices on a pre-heated, cast-iron griddle pan, turning them over after a minute.
  • Season with a drizzle of oil and a pinch each of salt and dried oregano.
  • Cut the Hamburger rolls in half and toast the cut surface on the griddle pan.
  • Cook the hamburgers, too, turning them over after about 2 minutes.

Assemble the burgers as follows:

  • Spread the inside of the rolls with tartare sauce, then carefully place the other components.
  • O the lower half of each roll, starting with the grilled aubergine, then the hamburger patty, then the leeks and finally the top half of the roll.
  • Insert a skewer to hold the burger together and serve.
  • For tartar sauce boil two of the eggs until hard boiled, remove the shells and separate the yolks from the whites.
  • Chop the gherkins, capers, parsley and tarragon and mix together.
  • Blend the boiled egg yolks with the vinegar, and good pinch of salt and a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper.
  • Add the yolks from the fresh eggs and whisk the mixture with an electric beater.
  • While you are whisking, very gradually add the oil (one drop at a time).
  • Take care not to pour the oil too quickly and to always stir in the same direction.
  • The sauce is ready once it has reached a creamy, dense, uniform consistency.
  • Finally, stir in the mixture of chopped ingredients.


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